Losing Someone You Love

Affirmation:  The love from a mother exists and can be felt beyond the physical realm.

“For you, Mommy”

This morning I received a phone call from a very old friend, a woman I grew up with in Birmingham, Alabama.  From fifth grade through high school, we were best friends and if she wasn’t at my house for the weekend then I was at hers.  Needless to say, I grew very close to her parents, particularly her mother who was a very gentle southern lady.  She was a beautiful woman who was the guiding force of her family.  Her heart was big, her voice strong and she spoke with light-hearted ease, laughing and smiling easily.  A very creative woman, the piano was her calling and she played the organ at church and taught piano lessons from home.  She taught me many lessons, including the importance of forgiveness of others and she modeled this freely and easily for me every time I felt I had disappointed her.  I moved away from this part of the country many years ago and I whenever I remember my childhood, I think of my best friend’s mom and the endless amount of love she had in her heart for me as I negotiated life’s lessons.  She was  jokingly referred to as “the other mom” because she took care of me like I was one of her own.

A couple of days ago, I had an intuitive glimpse about the phone call from my old friend.  I was out for a walk in the hilly neighborhood with my dog.  Any type of exercise allows my mind to quiet and becomes a form of meditation for me.  On this particular day, I found myself speaking to her mom in my head.  She visited to tell me goodbye and that she would be leaving this world very soon.  I had been having thoughts of this woman over the past several months, that her health was waning.  And this time I felt that her incarnation was coming to an end.  I told her that I loved her and that her family will miss her and will carry on with loving memories of her in their lives.  I also told her that it was ok to leave and to forgive herself for any lessons not learned in this lifetime.  With the energy of forgiveness and love, she left my thoughts as quickly as the wind wisped through my hair.

As I listened to the voicemail from my dear old friend, telling me that her mother passed last night, I remembered the energy exchange with her mom earlier this week.  I felt honored that she came to me to say goodbye and that I had the opportunity to tell her that I love her.  She has passed into the Light and is reassuring me that we will meet again, along with my deceased mother.  Not surprisingly, when I received the message this morning, I was again taking a walk with Coco, outside, and the weather was cool, windy and heavenly.  A wave of sadness moved through me and I allowed myself to cry until all the makeup was washed away from my eyes.  And then we just walked, noticing the daisies blooming, the magnificent trees lining the path, the clouds in the sky and the rays of sunlight breaking through them.

“Be aware of the life in you and around you,”  I heard.  “Feel alive and give thanks for life in all its forms.”

With these loving thoughts in my head, my energy shifted as I felt each cell in my body rejoicing to be alive, at the cusp of creation and in harmony with All.  My sadness had been transformed into unconditional love and appreciation for my connection not only to the mother of my old friend, but also with God.  My walk ended with very good feelings and during the day I felt more grief, but I also felt inspiration and purpose in my divine life path.  My prayers go out to my friend and her family as they move through their grief, too, knowing that their mom is still with them in spirit, loving them unconditionally as she Always has.

Namaste ~ Beth


Want to Feel Better After Breaking Up? Then Cut the Bond

Love Yourself by cutting the bond after a breakup.

~ Life is Love ~

If you have recently broken up with a loved one and you are still feeling a tug at your heart strings every time you think of him or her then chances are that you still have etheric cord attachment with this person. The etheric cord is not visible.  It is a spiritual attachment formed between two people when they are in a relationship. You may visualize it as a hose or hoses attached to you both and spanning the space between you. This cord allows transfer of energy, both positive/loving and negative/hurtful. Even if it has been a long time since your break up, the presence of these negative cords can be felt and can feel painful, both emotionally and physically.

People seek closure in different ways once a relationship has ended.  I am watching a new rental, 50/50, about a 28 year old man finding out he has a rare form of cancer.

While he is in treatment for his illness, he learns that his girlfriend is cheating on him, going out with other guys then coming back home and sleeping in the same bed with him, lying and betraying him in his weakened state.  She is an artist and once she is gone, he and a buddy take her painting into the backyard and stab, slash, cut and burn it while venting anger, hurt and frustration.  It is a perfect scene for depicting a healthy way to release and cleanse, important components in the healing process.

If you choose to burn something from your past relationship then make sure you do it safely, outdoors, on a small scale and on a non flammable surface like a concrete patio or inside a steel pot.   And while you ignite the small item (such as a photo) call on your spirit guides to release any and all etheric cord attachments to this person.  And watch the cords burn away. Then take the ashes and place them on the ground so that the material may be recycled and renewed into positive, life affirming energy.  Feel the new loving energy fill you up and trust that you are on your divine path.  And if you haven’t already done it, rent 50/59 then sit down and enjoy watching a movie about death that ends up being a fun movie about living and healing…

Infinite Blessings, Beth

I AM Complete

Loving Message:  Know that you do not need anybody to give you complete happiness.  The stream of love is Always inside of you and as you release your resistance, you allow this divine light to fill you up.

~ Joyous Rays of Light ~


I am on a journey to be united with a soulmate partner, someone who is similar to me in the ways that are important and who wants to share their experience with me in order to grow in love.  This is something I want at a very core level of my being and I have devoted countless energies in preparing myself for this encounter.

About 2 months ago, I met a man from a spiritual online dating site and we immediately “clicked in” to each other’s frequencies.  The first week was perfectly beautiful as each of us shared from the heart and acted “as if.”  This  was my first loving encounter with a man at my exact frequency and wow did it feel good.  I felt like I had finally found the one thing that was missing in my life, my Twin Flame.  In my bliss, I felt complete.

Then something changed in the energy between us.  I continued to give unconditional love through phone calls, emails and texts, but instead of receiving the same in return, I got sporadic, unfocused messages with plenty of excuses given.  For several weeks, I chose to remember our otherworldly connection as this went on.   Eventually, I realized that even though this was a soulmate connection, he was not willing to do the spiritual work required for full immersion in our partnership.  Reading his messages no longer felt good and I had developed physical symptoms due to the continued misalignment.  So I let him go, completely.  And then I moved through some anger, sadness, and fearful emotions.




In a matter of days, I felt better, but what was I to learn from this? As I began contemplating the lesson, my heart longed for the euphoric feeling that came with the soulmate experience.  Was I to go back to feeling the old, tiny bit of resistance around living without my Twin Flame?  No, not possible for me.   I went to bed that night with one thought, ” I want to feel that good anyway, as I am, all on my own.”  And when I awoke the next morning, I understood.  All the resistance remaining around this encounter had vanished and it was replaced with a deep appreciation and knowing that I Am complete.  I wrote it down on a sticky note and put it on my mirror and every time I read it I am reminded of my divine completeness and my return to a natural state of extra-delicious, joyful bliss.

Namaste, Beth

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Spiritual Realm 115

Divine Message:  Even though it may not always feel like it, everything is working out with perfect timing according to your divine plan.

~ Clarity ~ Freedom ~ Love ~

It has been almost a year since I stopped writing my blog about divorce.  I took a break from writing because I no longer felt the compulsion to write; my plate was too full, so to speak.  I moved on to other activities and continued my daily devotion to healing and transforming my life into something new and beautiful.  While I was not looking forward to it, my day in court did come last October.  We spent a total of 5 days in court, actually, and I soon learned the deeper reason as to why I had suddenly discontinued my blogging.  The opposing council attempted to tarnish my authenticity by using my written word against me.  I felt like I was reliving some past life as an innocent women sent to death by the Salem witch trials.  I remained calm and centered, however, surrounded by legions of angels protecting me from the verbal assault, and reassuring me that All was moving forward as planned.

~ Authentic Soul ~

In the end, synchronistically, on my former spouse’s birthday, the judge spoke and commended me on my character and honored my requests in her judgment.  “We could have saved ourselves 5 days in court and the financial burden it caused if only he had been fair all along,” I thought.

“But then you would not have experienced your spiritual power in such a great magnitude,” my guides answered.  “And this is your lesson.”

“True,” I thought, “And I hope I never need to experience it in the same way again.”

“You won’t, as long as you have learned that with unconditional love you are the most powerful creator in the universe,” they said…

And this has been my motto ever since as I live each day with loving intentions, clarity and focus, just like the bald eagle.

Namaste ~ Beth

“Is this pill really an effective pill? Is this process really an effective process?” Anything that causes you to allow what you desire is the process of coming into alignment. And so, we’re not, in any way, validating or invalidating anything. Many offer their “dog and pony show” as being the one that works. And good for all of them. We applaud anything that assists someone in allowing the Well-being, that they so much want and deserve, to flow.

— Abraham

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 114

Love Message:  When you are having fun, you are in alignment with your inner source and there can be nothing better for you than this.

~ Fun ~

It’s a beautiful sunny day here… I think I’ll go play in the dirt!

What will you do for fun today?

In Joy, Beth

“Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy. We’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we’re not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy. We’re not trying to get someplace else; we’re not trying to get it done, because there is no ending—we cannot get it done. Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.”

— Abraham

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 113

Divine Message:  It is the job of your brain to deceive you so that you can manifest ever greater lessons on the road to ascension.

More on yesterday’s blog about recreating the old pattern of  impatience/poor timing/obsessive thoughts:

A week or so ago I received an email indicating that I would be given the chance to ask questions and receive information through my Earth Angel.  At the moment I read the message, I felt that my life was moving smoothly and I didn’t really have any pressing questions.  Then, almost immediately, my mind began tormenting me, saying things like, “Well, if the We is offering then there must be something important to worry about.”  As I repeated a toxic pattern, I fell for it and allowed my vibration to lower in expectation of something negative, and I came up with several non-issues to discuss.

Instead, I could have listened to my intuition and continued to take the peaceful path, patiently awaiting any further instruction or information as it arrived in perfect timing as it always does.  I see it now.  I get it and I commit to practicing patience on a daily basis.  I will listen to my spirit guides and re-create any and all moments that impatience arises.  Here’s how I plan on doing this:

1)  In the morning and throughout the day, I  state my intention of patience.  I have little reminders around the house, in the kitchen windowsill, in the bathroom, etc.

2)  I  take care of myself in a loving, compassionate and gentle way by making time for sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, nature, fun… and a little pampering.

3)  I maintain assertive and loving boundaries within my relationships.

4)  I remember to breathe throughout the day and especially during times of stress.

5)  If impatience arises then I recognize it, forgive myself, ask forgiveness as needed, use a giant space eraser to delete the negative pattern from my brain, and re-do the interaction in a calm and loving manner.

Please join me in using these techniques and tell us how it goes in the comment section below.

In Joyful Patience, Beth

“A withdrawal of attention from the unwanted condition is necessary in order to release it from your experience, but it is also necessary to cease the resistant thought that pinched off the Well-Being to begin with. Our guided meditation process helps accomplish both of those things, and it lays the basis of a new-and-improved outlook on life. . . . You will find it easier to find increasingly better things to think about. It will be easier to see the positive aspects in situations and people. You will find compliments flowing from you, and you will feel appreciation for more things.

Your physical body is truly a reflection of the thoughts you think, but not only of the thoughts you think about your physical body. And so, understanding the Vibrational basis that supports your physical body is important to your maintaining of a healthy physical body. A regimen of physical actions is not enough. Your body is a pure reflection of the balance of the thoughts that you think.”

— Abraham

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 112

Loving Message:  The world in which you live is a mirror reflection of the state of your inner being.

~ One of My Faves ~

“Relationships are our opportunity to see ourselves in every way imaginable.  From the greatest betrayals of our trust to our most desperate attempts to fill our emptiness, everyone – including our co-workers, classmates, and life mates – shows us something about ourselves.  If we have the wisdom to recognize the messages that are being mirrored to us, we discover the beliefs that cause the suffering in our lives.” Gregg Braden, “The Divine Matrix”

When I read Gregg Braden’s book a couple of years ago, I connected with this holographic image of reality.  My ability to recognize my own negative traits in my relationships became easier as I understood that how I live from moment to moment is a reflection of my current level of frequency or connection to spirit.  When things go awry, I made and make it a habit of looking within for answers as to how I manifested each experience.   And every day presents the need for more self reflection and study as the process is continuous and ongoing for those of us who choose to ascend.

~ We Are One ~

Here is an example:

Remember my ongoing complaint about receiving stressful, demanding emails from my soon to be ex-husband typically on Fridays, after my supposed “free time” begins?  Well, it turns out that I have been doing the same impatient, imposing thing to my Earth Angel.  The message I received from the We was that she is currently not available and that when this changes, I will be contacted.  In my non-connection to spirit, which often manifests as impatience and downward spiraling negative thoughts, I sent her a message outlining several of my current relationship issues.

My gut told me what I had done, however, I did nothing to correct my mis-step until I received a reply.  Here is a clip:

“Your current vibration of obsessing, impatience and bad timing causes a delay in your growth by not allowing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual acceleration and abundance as you have stated to Us that you desire daily as well as other stress related problems and results that you currently experience.”

I was also told to keep a self-healing journal of all the things that are currently on my plate, and to update my list daily.  This is an excellent way to purge my negative feelings so that I may demonstrate patience and flexibility on a daily basis.  The message continues,

“Patience and timing is learned and fine tuned through repetition. It takes daily mindful and spiritually conscious practice and correct vibrational matching of your choices and actions with the new skills to become divinely articulated. Others who are affected will marvel at the positive changes and be even more drawn to the light that burns white hot in you body, mind and soul.”

Isn’t this last quote exquisitely worded?  It reflects a very strong connection to spirit and calls you and I to step up our frequency ever higher…

With Eternal Love, Beth

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 111

Words of Love: It is possible to live from a place of high frequency and joy every day.

~ Joy in Freedom ~


The boys were at school and it was just me and Coco, my 8 month old English Mastiff, at home. I had just gotten off the phone with someone calling to reschedule an appointment in the morning, so it was official, my schedule was open the entire morning. With that, I rounded up one of the boy’s bongo drums and began my ceremony. I did not play music, rather, I created rhythm, not knowing how to play the drums and not caring.

With the beat, I moved around the room in a circular then elliptical pattern. At some point primitive sounds came out of me. And at another point I felt a sharp stabbing pain in the seat of my womb as eons of victim energy resisted removal. Then Coco got up from her couch and came over to assist me. The pain immediately lifted as we danced and moved together across the floor, my hands never skipping a beat. At some point she got back on her couch. And then at some point later I began to slow down the beat. I sat down and gave several significant drum rhythms as the ceremony came to completion.

Afterwards I felt very happy and uplifted that it was done.

~ Feel the Beat ~


And I looked for the next part of the message from my Earth Angel:

“You have sent out an inner calling to something greater than being a victim. Letting go of something that you have embraced for many lifetimes will hurt but only for a short time. It is a necessary action to do for your growth and empowerment.

In releasing your victim role, you will get the lesson WE have been asking you to see. It will allow you to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the bigger multi-dimensional picture in your life.

It is now time to get up every day looking for something to create as you have your gardening vision and painting. These are small things but very important.

Become a Master Creator…”

A Master Creator… I like that!!! It is a healthy, new way of perceiving life on a day to day basis. And I intend to go forth, creating all things beautiful…

In Alignment with Source, Beth

“Those that are succeeding and are thrilled and joyful in the unfolding will often tell you, “I’ve dreamed this since I was little. I imagined it, I pretended it, I used to practice with the hairbrush pretending it was a microphone.” Purity is the alignment of energy. Doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about anything. It only matters what you think about it.”

— Abraham

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 110

Source Love:  You Are loving, lovable and loved.

After the initial memory surge from the realization of living from the false belief that I am a victim wore off, I sat down to ask for guidance and help to learn what kind of a releasing ceremony I needed to perform.  I was instantly led to the below 2 YouTube videos of an Inner Mongolian Shaman’s Possession Ceremony:

If you watch the videos, you will notice some written explanations under the second of the 2 part series.  One person is possessed with the spirit of an elderly man and while the ceremony ensues, the spirit shifts to the body of one of the shaman.  It is clear when this happens because his body transforms into that of an old man.  I have witnessed similar trance channeling as a child and can speak to its validity.

When I began watching the videos, I asked for assistance in releasing the darkness inside of me and to my delight, as the videos ensued I felt myself in a meditative trance.  I was able to understand what was happening, however, my body felt distant and protected at the same time.

I watched the dancers moving and swirling while hitting drums and singing.  Their costumes were beautiful with bells and ornate birds on the tops of their head gear.  The clothing was in long loose multi colored fabric and when they swirled it opened up and danced around their bodies.  At the precise moment that the spirit left the body of the shaman, I felt a huge release, suddenly weeping and then my chest felt light.  And my ears felt very warm.

Was this my release ceremony?  My mind says yes, and my heart says no, but it was a good start…

In Swirling Biss, Beth

My Journey Through Divorce Beyond the Physical Realm 109

Divine Message: Celebrate a Mother today.

~ Life is Colorful ~



“My mother and I walk through the rooms of her house… My mother and I find this a beautiful house.  The rooms are large and empty, opening on to each other, waiting for people and things to fill them up.  Our white muslin skirts billow up around our ankles, our hair hangs straight down our backs as our arms hang straight at our sides.  I fit perfectly in the crook of my mother’s arm, on th ecurve of her back, in the hollow of her stomach.  We eat from the same bowl, drink from the same cup; when we sleep, our heads rest on the same pillow.  As we walk through the rooms, we merge and separate, merge and separate; soon we shall enter the final stage of our evolution.”

 “My Mother” by Jamaica Kincaid